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Sandown Properties LTD – Thurs 24th Sept 2020 - UPDATE

Dear guests;

We appreciate that many of you have concerns regarding the current rise in COVID cases in the UK and the new uncertainty surrounding travel. Following on from Mark Drakeford’s announcement on Weds 23rd Sept we have updated our FAQ below in the hope that it will answer any concerns you may have about your future booking

  1. What is the current COVID policy for Wales as of Weds 23rd Sept 2020?

We are still currently adhering to the new COVID rule of 6 in Wales. This means that no more than 6 adults can gather inside at any one time. These 6 adults must belong to the same existing ‘bubble’ and can comprise of 4 different households. Children under 11 are exempt from this rule. Children over 11 are classed as an adult in this rule.

  1. What if my current booking doesn’t conform to this new rule?

We have contacted all bookings up to 31st October 2020 that we feel that this new rule may have an impact on and are assessing each booking on an individual basis. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have concerns over your booking.

  1. How long will this rule apply for?

We are currently unsure how long this new rule will be in force for. We will review again on 11th October 2020 but at present have contacted all guests up to 31st October 2020.

  1. Can I place a new booking now for more than 6 adults?

For any new booking with an arrival date before 11th Nov 2020 and a party size greater than 6 adults – unfortunately not.

  1. I heard that there is a local lockdown on Anglesey?

Anglesey is currently not on the Welsh governments list of local lockdown areas.

  1. The restrictions in my area are different to those in Wales?

Local restrictions will vary from region to region. Our booking policy is in line with those policies currently in place in Wales. If you are travelling to Wales from another region then at present, we ask that you conform to the current policy in place for Wales.

  1. My local restrictions do not allow me to mix households?

In Wales we are adhering to the COVID rule of 6. Providing that your booking adheres to the current COVID rule of 6 then travel is permitted in Wales at present.

  1. We are told to avoid unnecessary travel – surely a holiday is unnecessary travel?

The advice to avoid unnecessary travel has been in force for 6 months and this has not changed. The First Minister was clear yesterday that there are no stay local regulations in place at this time. The hospitality sector in Wales including Sandown Properties LTD have been working very hard to ensure that we adhere to all the health and safety guidelines to ensure that your visit is safe. The welsh government is continuing to support the hospitality industry and therefore has not restricted anyone from being able to come on holiday providing they adhere to the COVID rule of 6 and follow all the health and safety guidance issued.

  1. I am uncomfortable with travelling – can I get a refund?

If your booking is in breach of the COVID rule of 6 then we will issue a full refund. If you have decided you do not wish to travel at present then we will allow you to move your booking across to a future date free of charge. We require a minimum notice period before your arrival date to facilitate this (As of 2nd October 2020 the minimum notice period is 10 days)

  1. Do I need to do anything different during our stay?

Before you travel you should be receiving our COVID guest arrival information email. Please inform us if you have not received this. It contains important information about your arrival and departure time in addition to what you will need to bring with you at this time.

  1. What if my area is in a local lockdown when I am due to travel?

Here are the current government guidelines for areas with local restrictions

Travelling outside the area

Steps you should take

  • If you live inside an area with local restrictions, you can still go on holiday outside that area but you should only socialise indoors with members of your own household or support bubble
  • You can only stay in a private home - which includes self-catered accommodation such as holiday cottages, apartments or boats - with members of your own household or support bubble
  • You can stay in a hotel or similar accommodation (for example, a hostel or bed and breakfast) with another household but should avoid sharing rooms with people you do not live with or otherwise socialising indoors, for example in each other's rooms, in reception areas, or in restaurants and bars
  • We advise against sharing a caravan with another household. You should not share private vehicles to travel to your holiday destination

If the above guidelines are adhered to then you can still travel and come on your holiday. If you are unable to adhere to these guidelines please contact us and we will assess each booking on an individual

  1. What if I am told to self -isolate before I am due to come?

If you can provide written evidence that you have been informed by the government to self-isolate then we will issue a full refund.

  1. What if there is a national lockdown when I am due to travel?

If there is a national lockdown at the time when you are due to travel, we will kindly ask you to move your booking across to a future date and support our small business. In the event that you are unable to move your booking and wish to cancel – we will issue a full refund less the initial £15.00 booking fee.

  1. I am due to pay the balance of my holiday now -should I still pay?

Yes. We strongly advise that you continue to make any balance payments due to fulfil your contractual booking obligations. We are still allowing balance payments 4 weeks prior to arrival at present (as opposed to our standard date of 8 weeks prior)

  1. How do I pay?

As we are experiencing high call volumes and enquires and working with minimum staff, we ask that you please kindly pay your balance payment by bank transfer. Our account details are as follows: SANDOWN PROPERTIES LTD, SORT CODE 20 51 08, ACC NO 63778258.

Q5. What reference should I use?

It is very important that we can identify your payment. Please ensure in the reference you use the surname of the individual who made the booking and your arrival date. For example, JONES 0210 (JONES party arriving 2nd of October).

We appreciate that the above may not have answered all your questions therefore please do contact us by email should you have any further queries but be patient that our response time may not be as efficient as usual.


We wish to extend our thank you for your support and understanding at this time. It is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Richard Tuke


Sandown Properties LTD

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